In the year 2014 I had a dream, the dream of ensuring that almost all form four leavers, leaving from secondary schools operated by ward who in most cases, given low performance,

they have nowhere to go as far as education is concerned. My Dream was to create the third step to those left Secondary Education operated by ward and had no opportunity to join high schools, or else their families cannot afford cost on transport from their locality to that further studies. The idea of establishing the collage within their localities (Kaliua District) was introduced in order that, the cost of traveling to far regions where most collages are allocated is reduced to zero. The dream came true where I started to lay the first stone on 15/01/2015, On 25/09/2015 Kaliua Institute of Community Development was registered by NACTE with REG/BTP/061P

However further plans are underway to ensure that the Institute is Changed to Kaliua Institute of Professional Studies so that it accommodate various Professionals.

Currently the Institute has 30 students undertaking Certificate in Community Development.

It can be done play your part.


                Director of  Kaliua Institute of Community Development.